Experimental Film & Video Festival Zürich

Experimental Film and Video Festival Zürich


Deep Sleep by Basma Alsharif

Stay the Same by Sam Firth

International Jury: Ute Aurand and Stephen Partridge (REWINDItalia)

Deep Sleep, Basma Alsharif, FR 2014, HD, 11:18 min

Statement of the Jury: Deep Sleep refreshes by interweaving architecture, animals, heat, colors, history with the present and leaves space for the secrets.

Stay the Same, Sam Firth, SCO 2013, Video, 14:00 min

Statement of the Jury: One framing, simple and complex. The changes in nature and the changes in the face allow us to wander in and out of the frame without leaving the place.

A special mention goes to Andrea Piccardo for his work of recovering and sharing the important experimental films of Bruno Munari and Marcello Piccardo and the Studio di Monte Olimpino.



Dislocated by Lukas Gut

Schweizer Jury: Luc Gut (Filmemacher), Cathérine Hug (Kunsthaus Zürich) und Thomas Kemke (Filmproduzent)

Dislocated, Lukas Gut, CH 2013, Bluray, 05:41 min

Statement der Jury: Der Film zeichnet sich durch eine konsequente Suche nach dem experimentellen Ausloten formaler Möglichkeiten in der Filmsprache aus.

Lobende Erwähnung: The Green Serpent - of vodka, men and distilled dreams, Benny Jaberg, CH/RU 2013, DPC, 21:00 min




Experimentalfilm & Video Festival Zürich
24. Mai  -  01. Juni



Robert Beavers / Ute Aurand / John Akomfrah / Italien - La rabbia di Pasolini - REWINDItalia /

L'année dernière à Marienbad / Paul Clipson & Félicia Atkinson /Guestcountry Italy

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